TELLING THE TIME revision. kids.los.april09 025w

 The girls made a clock with pictures of what might happen at that time. kids.los.april09 026w

 Daddy found this games called ‘Just in time”.


We printed these heart sheets from and played Bingo.  You roll the dice and place a heart button  on the number you roll.  For extra practise writing numbers, we printed the sheets with no numbers on them – they had to write them in themselves. (If no buttons, you can just print more hearts & cut them out). Yes it was a hot day!





Braylee loves this geometric shapes activity which uses a small hammer with tacks. 

A great buy form the secondhand shop at just $4.hs0208-013a.jpg

The girls got straight into the new resources we bought at Spotlight yesterday, so we spent some time revising number 2 for Maitlyn, (she doesn’t yet know 2, 3, 7, & 10 very well) and number 11 – 20 for Braylee.
Maitlyn revising number 2 – she coloured it in rainbow colour stripes. Worksheet from

Braylee sorting the new manipulatives into groups of three. She discovered that 4 groups of 3 make a total of 12 (4×3=12).
Playing a game of Concentration (or Memory) with the numbers 0-12. They had to call out the numbers as they turned them over. They enjoyed this – especially Braylee, she won.

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  1. I have just discovered your blog. You are truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas. I think my children are similar ages to yours (maybe a tad younger) & we are also homeschooling. I’ll be a regular visitor to your site for ideas now!


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