Go shopping in February for calendars full of useful pictures for the year – animals, places, etc.  They drop in price dramatically.  I picked some up the other day of horses, water animals, Sydney marked down from $29.95 to just $2.

Also Travel agencies have great colour brochures/books for pictures of places around the world.  You can sometimes ask for their old posters too.  Same in the video stores.


Check out for all kinds of video clips on a huge varity of topics – whales, wasps, your imagination is the limit.


I have found all manner of Homeschool resources at Garage sales, like the time I payed just $2 for a whole bunch of small plastic animals that you would normally pay $10-20 odd dollars for just 1 pack.  We use them for sorting & classifying as well as imaginative play. I keep adding to the collection.


It can be so cheap to import stuff from overseas, you can pay half what you’d pay here in Australia even with postage.  If you add books to your cart in Amazon that you’d like, like a wish list, then leave them there a while, sometimes they get reduced while you’re waiting & it notifies you of this.  I had several Take-it-to-your-seat Learning centres I wanted and after waiting about 4 weeks, they were reduced from $21 to $14 and I got free shipping b/c I ordred more than $40 worth.

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