Our Set-up

I like to be organised.  This is where I keep most of the girls work & activities for the week. They choose which activity they would ike to do next.  They do turn their noses up at some things, so I just leave the work there as they may be interested later or I chnage it to suit their interests on the day (note the horse heads on the maths sheet – Miss (6) LOVES horses.

Our coffee table. Thegirls can choose something they would like to do after lunch by themselves.  I change the games and activities around every two weeks or so.


I have been placing a variety of activites out on the dining table in the morning and sometimes the afternoon, for the girls to choose from.  They usually move around to each one but may choose to skip something that doesn’t appeal (hopefully not something I’ve spent ages preparing). I sometimes also do this on the coffe table.  If we are doing a study unit/theme, I will put the associated activites together on one table.




My resource shelf featured above is evolving, well the resources bit anyway.  Its starting ot look a little more ‘ busy’ shall we say.  In fact its looking down-right crowded. I just love resources and I love having them handy instead of in a drawer where I forget about them. The decorations are slowly being moved away to make room for more homeschool goodies. The little Pink flower noodle boxes from Spotlight have the girls new words in them, I could se endless possibilites for the divided box at the back, just $5 fro The Reject Shop, the small clear containers ($1, Reject shop) have beads, letters & marbles in them. Chalks are below with card games next to them.

I have also taken to using Blueberry, strawberry & tomato clear packaging for storage of small pieces or sets.  Here I have plastic letters, measuring tags, counting discs (from the $2 shop), puzzle letters, coloured spindles (From Spotlight $2) and large buttons.

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