Vaccination Roulette …. (an insiders view).

After visiting a wonderful friend of mine who is a Homebirth Midwife, Doctor of Health Sciences and she worked for the NCIRS (National council of immunisiation research) here in Australia until recently – its a Government organisation, I felt more informed than ever about vaccination.  At NCIRS, her research focused on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of health professionals towards immunisation.

She says “if she knew back then what she knows now, she would not have vaccinated her children.”

She has found over the time working there that you CAN trust their information (which took her 12 mths to realise) and they ONLY concentrate on the facts.  Their primary interest is to target parents who have not made up their mind or who have forgotten to vaccinate or couldn’t be bothered.  They know they have a chance at winning them over to vax.  The reason they want these people to vax is because the government set a target of 95% of all population must be vaxed for the ‘herd’ to stop infection of older and younger people.  If more of these ‘high risk’ humans become infected with one of the diseases for which you can be vaccinated,  they will become too much of a burden on the health system as they would be long-term patients and/or die unnecesarily because ultimatley – the government could be sued for those deaths.  There is apparently no *good* model health system anywhere in the world – all health systems are under pressure. In other words they can’t afford an outbreak of disease so the goverment is prepared to take the risk that vaxxing ‘could’ be safe but maybe not. The priority here is to stop the health system collapsing rather than considering that our childrens brains and bodies may be affected adversely for life.

However, there is currently only 3% of Australians who cannot be swayed and have made their mind up that they will not vaccinate (fullstop) – like me.  I cannot be swayed unless it can be proven beyond a doubt that my child will not be adversely affected. (Very difficult seeing as I was affected by the Pertussis one). They are happy to let these people go because they cannot prove no harm is caused and there may be something in parents claims (but scientifically – their claims can’t be proven).

Hope this all makes sense.  So basically – they don’t know a lot, they are just making the most of what they have to try to stop themselves being sued or have a health system crisis.  As far as the Pharms companies go – the tests done under NCIRS are controlled strictly but information coming directly from these companies to the public is probably tainted due to their motive being money and lack of unbiased info. Obviously they are not going to question their own product to the detriment of the company.

(This info is straight from the horses mouth).  My friend had resigned last week as she felt that she had learnt enough and had enough.  The council would never be in a position to guaratee child safety.  This just confirms my stance for NOT Vaccinating.

You may also be interested in this article about the Swine Flu vaccine & why one of America’s leading health experts will not be giving it to his children….–Oz-s-Children-Will-NOT-Be-Receiving-H1N1-Vacci.htm?source=nl

One Response to “Vaccination Roulette …. (an insiders view).”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, and affirming my decisions not to vaccinate my children any more. I’m sure the same is true with the US. What a sad world when profits matter more than people..

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