The girls wanted to play a shop game where thye could sell the gold blocks & bars for the appropriate value being $1, $10, $100, & $1000.  They made up their own money from paper & ttok turns at being the shop keeper.  Someitmes it got tricky when someone asked for $11,00 worth of 100 squares – then she had to work out that it meant she could use (1) 1000 bloack & (1) 100 square by doing a swap.


Can I Buy…? from



This activity was also great for counting by 5’s but in some cases she had to start counting from 10 if a 10c piece was involved.  I was the shop keeper and she was the customer.  She choose what she wanted to buy & the price, then would have to find the purse with correct money by counting by 5s (I counted with her as she is not apt at this yet).

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