Number recognition 1-1000

Mailtyn coloured & cut out the pieces from this sheet then glued them onto a piece of coloured paper then drew lines from the pictures to the correct number.





Print these fish from and write numbers on them.  Add paper clips to their mouths and a magnet to the end of the fishing line.  They call out the number as they catch the fish.  Older kids can add up the numbers like points.  The one with the most points, wins.




Maitlyn enjoyed making numbers out of these bow and flower buttons.

 * * * * *


Using these Montessori-type materials that I made at home using chipboard numbers on some masonite boards we cut, I showed Miss 6 how to recognise numbers in the hundreds. I would put say a 300 on the base, then a 20, then a 5 on top. Then we would break the pile down so it looked like this….

Then she could easily read the number as 325 because visually she could see 300, then 20 underneath, then the 5.  I would pile them up again into one stack and repeat the number. She LOVED this game and played it half the morning.  We did a stencil to go with it where the girls had to work out how much things cost.  EG. $200 + 30 + 3 =  $____  next to a picture of a computer or something you could buy (just got the images from Word Clipart).





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