I gave the girsl strips of left over paper scraps I had and let them do whatever they wanted with them.  Maitlyn made a lovely modern art picture and Braylee made a Jellyfish hat.



Giving the girls some cardboard shaped in small squaes, large triangles, a few rectangles of different sizes, I challenged them to come up with a creation that resembled Picasso’s style of painting (pictured above int he book).  The rules were that they were not allowed to cut anything but they could use a black texta to draw shapes onto their work – they turned out great & the girls enjoyed making them.




The girls each choose a gum tree branch and I provided all different scraps of coloured wool and fibres from ny scrapbooking collection and encouraged them to weave, tie, wrap around the branches. Don’t you love the concentration on Maitlyn’s face!




The girls each choose a picture from a magazine and cut it out on the cutter then sliced it in half and then each piece half again (4 equal bits). 


They then glued them on as equally apart as they could and discovered how if you hold the picture close to your face all you can see is the individual picture pieces but if you stand back your brain fills in the gaps and you see the complete picture – an optical illusion. They were very pleased with them as you can see.


 MELTED CRAYON on wax paper.


I gave the girls some old crayons (4 colours), a grater and a large folded piece of wax paper on newspaper. They grated the crayon into the wax paper (being careful not to grate their fingers).


I then helped them to use a warm iron and press the crayon gratings down for just a few seconds.  It worked better to press then to run the iron along (which made it a bit smeary).  A group of one or two colours also worked well.

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