About Me


Homeschooling, Homebirthing, Non-vaxxing, co-sleeping, Non-sugar-eating, christian Mum to 2 girls, Braylee (6) and Maitlyn (4.5)

Love holidaying in out dream caravan around Australia.

Enjoy scrapbooking, photography, reading.

My Philosophy:

Learning should be fun and cater to your interests. 

We all had a teacher in school whom we didn’t like and one that we did.  The one we didn’t like probably was not interested in what they were teaching and lacked enthusiam to say the least.  The teacher we liked probably enjoyed her job and the content of what she was teaching, therefore the enthusiam rubbed off and we enjoyed the learning more.

I don’t believe that it is in a child’s best interests to be forced to learn mundane facts just to suit conformity and a curriculum.  A child’s achievements can be over-looked so easily in a classroom environment. At home my girls get 1 to 1 attention and can follow their interests instead of being herded into a curriculum.

They grow up so fast and are so easily influenced by peers who know no better than to follow the crowd, whether it be for good or bad. I want to enjoy my children and be the one to teach them to think for themselves, discover consequences without landing head-first into a situation that may be dire and irreversible.

I want them to learn about God, how to pray and have faith.

I want them to be contributors to this world, not just takers.


Baby #3 due Jan 2009.

27 weeks (Nearly 7 months).

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