Supplies & Resources

Maths Supplies:

Some of our Maths supplies I picked up yesterdat at Spotlight store – lot of Manipulatives which the girls helped pick out. The number lines I made up on cardboard up to the number 21.

A multiplication tables book, number chart, and a multiplication chart and number cards which I made on cardboard.


Can you believe the Snakes & Ladders game was only $2.99! The book came from Go-Lo and was only a few dollars too.

Reading & Phonics supplies:

Early Reader books (above) and some plastic lowercase letters, frij magnet letters and a spelling book.




Games & activities: our coffee table

The girls can choose their own activity. We call it quiet time, which is just after lunch. They can choose which room they would like to go to and spend time doing a quiet activity or two for an hour or so. We have more resources put away and I change them around every few weeks.


Don’t forget to check your scrapbooking supplies for resources – like these puzzle letters.


MORE NEW SUPPLIES! – Take it to your seat Learning Centres.




I really love these TAKE IT TO YOUR SEAT activity books from USA.  I spent at least one night getting it all organised, cut out and ready to use but it was worth the effort.  The kids are enjoying them.  I have found them doing a chosen activity nearly every day – they just go and pick the one they fancy – they are all appropriate & sometimes I leave one on top if I would like them to do that particular one.

I made up the TAKE IT TO YOUR SEAT Maths book into brown paper bags (one activity in each bag) and covered a Vita Brits box with some scrapbook cardstock I had.









A box of little goodies with name tags that can be matched, some labels to match with their picture, sound dominoes & some GO FISH game cards.



I couldn’t help it, when I see a bargain, I just HAVE to grab it.  I went to the second-hand shop today to cash in some of the kids DVDs and saw these on the shelf.  I payed less than $20 for the lot.  The Junior scrabble was just $8 and is like new.  Great for phonics. The ‘Ready to Read’ starter book set by Nora Gaydos I won on ebay for $36.  Normally they are $40 before postage just for 1 set, I got 4 sets here. They girls love the fun stories.

I have also been to The Reject shop and got tubes of animals & insects for just $2 a set.  Now I have a whole bucket full of plastic animals for sorting for less then $10.




Montessori gold blocks.

My Dad made these Montessori blocks as used with the gold beads activities & I painted then gold with pink dots becuase I knew these colours would appeal to the girls – and they did.  They play with them a lot.


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  1. […] I would thoroughly recommend these Learning centres to anyone, espcially those whose child needs more hands-on type activites. The self-check feature (with answers/symbols onthe reverse side is great when you can’t be there every minute helping them. The whole book comes with serated tear-out pages, you just make as many copies of the worksheets as you need. I’ll be buying more of these. See the Vita-Britz box Learning Centre I made and more here: […]

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