READING EGGS – the Premiers challenge.

Thanks to my Sister-in-law, I was introduced to the NSW Premiers Reading challenge called READING EGGS – a new online program with resources to accompany it.

In my opinion, it is a reasonably good program (although it had its hiccoughs with a bit much repetition in some of the activities) but served as excellent revision for Miss 6.  Miss 5 was at about the right level.  We received the FREE TRIAL pack on offer till the end of Sept (2008) and used a few of the resources being books, posters, stickers and workbooks.  These were actually the FIRST workbooks Miss 6 EVER enjoyed using – she normally hates them. She also enjoyed the online games you could buy once you earned enough golden eggs in your basket.

The second phase has now been released but I think we may wait for the back-up resources to be released in the new year and buy the whole package, rather than pay just the $49.95 for the online access.

 If I was to rate it – I would give the program about a 7.5/10.

* * * * *

We use synthetic phonics simpy because it always made more sense to me that the sound be learned as a priority rather than the name.  The name should be secondary.  When we spell, we spell in sounds (actual sounds) like ‘nnnnnnnn’ instead of ‘nuh’. Free resources are avilable from and all the ‘how-to’ instructions. They learn to read much quicker and less confusion and struggle using this method in my experience.



Making playdough letters using a stensil sheet.




The game of Twister with a twist – add sight words the spinner & the colours.

 More coming soon……..






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