I bought this new game from our local educational shop called FUN WITH SUMS – it has the tables up to sums that equal 20, starting with 1x. 

* * * * *


She used these shell manipulatives & Montessori tags to work out the total of the groups of 2 all togther.

* * * * *


Using this Shape sorter, Miss 5 sorted groups of 2 (in colours) onto the stacker then counted the total on each spine. She then choose the appropriate number and placed it under that column. She could see then how many groups of 2, made 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10.

* * * * *

Using these videos on Youtube and, the girls had a lot of fun learning the 2x tables. Next thing you know I found Miss 6 doing this……

… writing out all the tables on a piece of paper taped to the window. (yes some of her 2s are backwards – just a stage she went through).  The videos make it quite a lot of fun and they laughed a lot trying to copy the deep voice in the second video.

kids.los.april09 003w

We made up this numberline and drew the frog jumps on it for every second number. She eventually started folding the stencil under when she knew the first few sums and could sing them without looking at the sheet – she is now up to 2×7 without looking.

kids.los.april09 018w

Doing 2 x tables sums with buttons and 020w

Miss 5 wanted to use chickens (because it was nearly Easter).

kids.los.april09 022w

We found this fantasic website that you can choose the tables you are up to and play heaps of great interactive games. The girls favourite was this one where each set of sums you got right, you earned more things to decorate the fairy garden with. Their other favourite was the one where the knights got shot into the castle to kiss the princess (if you got it wrong, the knight would catapukt into the castle wall – lots of laughs).

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