3 Dimensional art



We made asimple dough from 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt and about 1 cup warm water, rolled it in a ball, rolled it out and decorted it with shaped form all sorts of household items such as egg cups, texta lids, pegs, skewers, etc.


We cooked them in a hot oven for about half hour or so till they went hard.  When the mask cooled the girls decided to paint them.




With a little help banging the nails right in hard, the girls learned not only to hammer but also how to make interesting patterns from coloured rubber bands stretched over the nails.  Later on we painted the base black for extra effect (see Art Gallery-Exhibition 2).




Using long pipe cleaners, we twisted the body togther with 2 long legs.

Next we made a foil ball for the head and twisted another pipe cleaner around the head then out to the arms.

 Using foil strips, we twisted them around the pipe cleaner man and scrunched them on tight.  They look SO COOL!



Using a strong piece of cardboard and lots of long lengths of different colour wool, the girls wound the wool around where ever they wanted.  They really enjoyed this one!

3 Responses to “3 Dimensional art”

  1. The wool weaving looks like something all of my kidlets could probably enjoy!

  2. This is a great looking project. What book did you use ? I would love to buy it.

  3. The foil sculpure looks great. What is the name of the book that you used ? I would love to have it.

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