We survived the week (lol)

Its didn’t start off to well – again the baby made things difficult but I did read somewhere that trying to learn under stress, you don’t really learn anything at all.  So Tuesday was better and here’s what we did.

Maths workbook – subtraction sums revision. As I have mentioned before, maths is not Miss 6’s strong point but she has grasped the concept.

More ‘ir’ revision words. Reading has not been Miss 8’s strong point – she reads in patterns, not single sounds/blends, so she enjoys these word shape worksheets. There has been mention of dyslexia by someome and I am investigating this further although at this stage I am not convinced.  My feeling is that she is a pattern reader and so learns differently and also gets bored unless it is something that interests her…. well, who doesn’t? She is very good at Maths and can’t be good at everything.  If your child had reading issues, I’d love to hear about them.  She does get words mixed up eg. ‘on’ verses ‘no’, and does give up trying sometimes, but other times she suprises me with words she knows. She sometimes forgets sight words but when she makes a mistake, she can correct herself.  The jury is still out.

Maths games on the Nintendo – a favourite. I am not a fan of gadgets, video games, playstations & the like, so I will never buy them but they are allowed to have this DS lite because we can take it out with us.

We revised ee and ea by making a pEAch trEE with words on each peach. As time is an issue with baby, I just printed off the words then quickly drew a tree on the window and they did the rest – they loved it. We also did high-lighting ea/ee on a worksheet.

Finally we did some of the Kidpower safety program in light of recent events in the news of a little girl being abducted.  The girls drew a picture of themselves to show where their ‘internal alarms’ are – like that little voice in your head that says something isn’t right. The other sheet shows what you should do if someone asks you to go with them for some reason.  Along with the Yellow Dyno program, my girls have skills to help keep them safe.

So as I sit here with baby asleep in my arms, typing one-handed, it seems we have not had too bad a week and I’m suprised at what we have achieved.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on February 25, 2010.

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