So far, so good and the ‘ir’ sound.

Well, we’ve done OK this week so far. I’m not pushing myself or them too hard because it all gets way to stressful and no-one ends up learning anything except what not to do (LOL). 

 Miss 8 has had some reading issues (she reads by patterns which is quite different for me) so I am taking it slower to learn new sounds like ‘ir’ as in bird. We made this with a cute bird stamp I had for their little baby sister to watch. (it served a double purpose). We might concentrate/revise this sounds for at least 2 weeks so they really ‘get it’. I also choose this sound because Miss 8 is very much ‘into’ her birds at the moment – fits in with my ‘make learning emotional’ philosophy.

Miss 6 actually ASKED if she could do Mathletics on Tuesday (I nearly fell over as she had become bored with it) and both girls wanted to do several pages of their new Maths/sticker workbooks that Grandma gave them (hooray!) Here, Miss 6 is hiding her answers so I can check them at the end. (She loves games).

So…. here’s what I think is happening.

MONDAYS – sounds combined with a craft idea.

TUESDAYS – Reading eggs/Mathletics (computer programs)

WEDNESDAYS – Mums day off to keep her sane

THURSDAYS – Workbooks plus riding bikes to Grandmas to read to her.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on February 11, 2010.

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