School’s back for 2010

And so I thought we’d better make a start.  This year I will TRY to get some organisation happening and update the blog every week.  Our littlest wiggle (now 12 months old) likes to make things more interesting (shall we say). 

Miss 8 drew up some plans for a sceptre like the one she had seen on Tinkerbell.

Then the girls got busy making one.

And you could hear me cheering from here, Miss 8 also sat and did a worksheet – hoorayyyyyyy!!! With no issues. They learned the ‘ir’ sound because she loves birds, so I used the opportunity. And she actullay read the words – her reading has improved as well as her concentration.

So we made a start and I am going to have to take things as they come, not plan too far ahead, not plan too much on a day, and not expect too much from my little one (who is even now pulling on my arm for me to get away from the computer!!!).  My main goals for this year are:

  • Practise reading – use, read to Grandma once a week, go to the Library to encourage bedtime stories, do a worksheet once a week.
  • Maths – use online programs, do a worksheet & hands-on activity once a week.
  • Christian input – use Bible Stories about character traits as a theme
  • General Learning – follow the girls interests as the theme.

If i can manage to achieve these goals this year, I’ll be pleased.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on January 28, 2010.

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