Happy Bird-day!

Miss 8 (yes its her birthday) had expressed an interest in breeding birds after seeing a TV show on how some kids earn extra pocket money, so guess what she got for her birthday, or should we say, bird-day?

She got a pair of adult budgies which she names Bluey & Peppercorn, a pair of zebra finches, named Stripey & Snowflake and a neighbour gave her a baby budgie which she called Rainbow.

She spent the day helping her Dad build the avery and moved them into their new accomodation that night.  She has learned about how to care for them and she gives them fresh vegies most days, water and of course, plays with & admires them.

Meanwhile, she became interested in the 2 sections of her books which classified birds as  PASSERINES (meaning birds that perch) or NON-PASSERINES.

Miss 6, who was also interested and loves cutting, helped a lot with making this chart of Passerines we see here on our property. We also made a non-passerines one.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on November 26, 2009.

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