Homeschool on holidays

Miss 7 kept a diary of where we went and what we did on the days that we weren’t travelling. It was good spelling and writing practise for her.


We finally visited the Pet Porpoise Pool this time at Coffs Harbour and learned more about these fascinating creatures (one of Miss 7’s favourites), but she wasn’t game enough to actually touch one (they felt like rubber tyres to me).


We read road signs & how many kilometres to places.

brisbane sign

Had swimming lessons. Miss 7 has really improved and can now do doggy paddle, swim under water and some freestyle.

a swim lesson

Miss 7 also continued her study of birds and enjoyed photographing any wildlife we came across and identifying it.


a lizard

We visited the botanical gardens at Tamworth and the girls did drawings of different plants that interested them and wrote their names.

bot. garden

We also visited the Hunter Valley Gardens, which the girls really enjoyed (of course Storyland was their favourite) and they learned to read the map and lead us around the whole garden.


book reading

And of course we did some of the regular stuff such as computer CD work on the laptop and reading books. Both girls were allowed to choose a workbook suitable to their learning level and they started these while on holiday.


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