How to be a Princess (character traits)

Between sickness, wisdom teeth and a teething baby, life’s been a bit tough just lately. However, we have managed to continue learning most days – character traits being at the top of my agenda (you can guess why, can’t you? Something to do with the behaviour of my girls lately, probably due to all the turmoil).


We started with making a crown each because every little princess needs a crown, right? Miss 6 is practising her courtesy.

I found a great list on the web called ‘HOW TO BE A PRINCESS’ and we have roughly followed this with me adding in my own ideas.

We also watched some Youtube videos of Princess Mary and Princess Diana to see how graceful, modest and charitable they were.


First on the list was GROOMING and dressing MODESTLY. Here’s the girls are learning how to care for their nails and they also learned about wearing clean clothes and brushing their hair.


We found some photos and made a scrapbook page story of the first 4 rules we learned.

We are up to the part of being CHARITABLE. The girls went onto the World Vision Australia website & watched the movie about the ETICA free trade dolls & we decided to sponsor a child – the girls can contribute an amount of their pocket money to help).  We choose a little girl who was also 7. The girls also donated a chicken to a family for just $3 each – very charitable. They were thrilled to get their little keyring dolls in the mail.

Next the girls made cards to send to others while learning to be THOUGHTFUL – they only needed to make one but ended up making about 7, which I will post off this week.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on August 9, 2009.

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