Earth’s atmosphere

Continuing with our weather unit, the space shuttle was a hot topic due to recent events, so I took advantage of it as we had been discussing what the atmosphere may have been like in the days of Noah.  A paper written by my father on Noah and the flood included some fascinating verses quoted from the Bible helping us understand where ALL THAT WATER CAME FROM? We discovered that the atmosphere prior to the flood was quite different and full of moisture – fascinating.

Kids.june 09d 020w

Here the girls are drawing the Earth’s surface and above, in each different shade of blue, they are naming the different atmospheric layers.

Kids.june 09d 021w

Don’t you love Miss 7’s airplane. She drew this to demonstrate that this is the layer that pilots prefer to fly in  – the stratosphere, because it is usually smooth sailing above the clouds – the storms are mostly below. (The toilet roll space shuttle flies up the string through the different atmospheres.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on July 20, 2009.

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