Noah’s Ark – is it a true story?

As you may know, we have started a study unit on WEATHER, which became topical when parts of Australia were enduring heavy rains & floods (namely Queensland and northern NSW).  The perfect time to introduce NOAH.

kids.june09a 004w

We began, of course, by reading the story – the girls made up their own little booklets available from then we made a cardboard box ark and incorporated the 2 times tables, counting the plastic animals in pairs as they boarded the ark (thankfully we also had a plastic Noah & wife).

kids.june09a 006w

Miss 7 thought of using the beanbag as Mt. Ararat, which we discovered was in Turkey.  Then we set about proving that the story was true – as I think it brings the story to life when we start delving into the possibilities.

We read some accounts from eye witnesses ( focusing on one written by a young boy (now an adult) – the girls eyes lit with excitement. I also read this article beforehand, which was for my own information & was fascinating.

So…next thing is to help the girls unravel the mysteries, and we started with FLOODS.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on June 23, 2009.

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