SPELL QUIZZER – a review

Recently, I was contacted by the developer of a computer program called SPELL QUIZZER and asked to try it out and do a review and am very glad I was asked and here’s why.

I’ve never seen the girls learn to spell so many words to quickly and actually ENJOY doing it.  One of the best things about it was the girls had fun recording their own new words onto a list & thinking up a sentence to go with it.  Its quick and quite motivating to get the spelling correct but if they don’t, it doesn’t make a big deal of it, giving an opportunity at the end to have another go. Being totally customizable, we can concentrate on words from a particular book, like Dr Seuss HOP ON POP – very handy! You can even include names as you are the one entering how each word should be spelled, eg. ‘Mum’ or ‘Mom’.  There are also some lists of sight words already available. If I had any criticism of it, there was a minor annoyance with 3 different windows popping up with messages asking them what they wanted to do next but I believe there is a new version coming that probably won’t have that. Anyway, I would recommend this software for both good and struggling spellers.  My girls can be quite picky about computer programs but they enjoyed this one, so to me, its definitely worth the modest price tag.

We provided extra incentive telling them that they could earn a $10 giftcard for the local bookstore once they had completed 3 lists and could spell all the words in them proficiently. Of course we didn’t expect them to do this in a matter of days!!!! But they did. Hmmm – new rules for the next gift card maybe???

PS: well its now been 3 weeks since they first tried Spell Quizzer & I’m pleased to say they are still using it – HORRAY for Spell Quizzer!

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on June 4, 2009.

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