Homeschooling with a young baby

Well, I thought this might make a good follow up to my other post ‘Homeschooling with a newborn baby’. Its taken quite some time to get used to the new dynamics of the family and we certainly have our ‘write-off’ days.  From other forums and blogs, I had noticed people talk about when to start work again after having a new addition to the family but it was difficult to imagine until it actually happened in front of my own eyes. You don’t get to just hold this little bundle in one arm, or watch her sleep in the pram while you merrily homeschool away – its a lot harder than you think, in my experience.

Anyway, here’s some tips that seem to work for us:

1. Take 1 day off a week planning to do nothing much – no homeschool, no housework, no going out.  Sure, we might end up doing some of these things, but we don’t HAVE to if we don’t feel like it.

2. Get help if you can.  Grandma sent over some workbooks for the girls to do called eg. Friday Fun book. Simply a bunch of appropriate stencils, a few fun ones with maybe dot-to-dot (revising numbers), a maze, an activity of something to make or do, something to read, like a poem, plus a few harder stensils featuring some maths work or Language.

workbook w

3. Use ‘baby-sitter’ resources. I would pull out the educational dvd’s, like Jolly Phonics or computer software/games/programs/websites.  Also, I could sometimes take one child and work with her on her weaker learning area, say Miss 7, who needed reading/writing practise, while Miss 6 would do computer work.  She might do , working on her weaker learning area.

4. Let them play!  After all, it definitely doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes to imagination (something so many children lack these days – don’t get me started or I’ll pull out my soap box).

Our little girl is now nealy 5 months old and I would say we still aren’t totally settled in, but we are on our way. Give yourself time – after all, its not like they are NEVER going to learn how to read or add up.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on May 29, 2009.

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