Coping with a newborn & numbers to 30

Well, as you can see by my lack of entries since December, it has been tricky (to say the least) to even GET to the computer, let alone keep the blog up to date. Sickness had also played a major role this last month or so as well as learning how to work around the newest member of the family. We have managed, however, to get some homeschooling done these last months – here’s a concise rundown of what we’ve been able to achieve in March.

Picture 057w

For most of March, we did what we could on a day by day basis, the biggest lesson of all being learning independence as the girls often had to help out or manage themselves.

hs.los.0308 001w

Miss 6 (well, she’s 6 tomorrow) has needed lots of number practise, so we’ve using this wipe-off book and any stencils we can find plus she has enrolled in so she can work at her own pace.

hs.los.0308 006w

We also played a game with this chart where the girls had to identify the hidden number  to get the 20 cents (he he he – bribery, corruption and all that).

hs.los.0308 010w

We also have some maths software by Eureka that has come in handy. I am pleased to say that it is helping and she can now recognise and write numbers 0-30 and even go a little higher but it took about 8 weeks of practise.  Math is not her forte – unlike her older sister.

Miss 7 did a short study of one of her favourite birds – the blue wren.


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  1. A little late, but, congratulations on the new little one!!!

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