It is every woman’s right to birth at home with her chosen midwife.


As some of you may realise, I recently had my third daughter here at our home under the watchful eye of 2 highly skilled Independent midwives (pictured). As always, I made the decision to have my baby at home, after a great deal of time invested in research. This research then led me to the decision that a supervised homebirth would give both me and my baby the best possible outcome, rather than risk a medicated, intervention-type birth in a hospital where the obstetritian/midwives concerned would take a course of action dependent on hospital policy, how much time he/they had and whether or not he thought a lawsuit might result.


From June 2010, basically it will become illegal for homebirths to happen due to lack of insurance for midwives …. please help!

For more information on the campaign to save our Homebirths please see and

Please, at the very least, sign the petition.

Thankyou! We value your support!


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on April 6, 2009.

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