Homeschooling with a newborn baby

Well, after the usual first few unsettled weeks of coping with a newborn (who is just gorgeous and now 7 weeks old, I might add) we have begun our journey for this year in an unstructured sort of way.  Of course, we have to work around feeds, unsettled periods, sleep and nappy changes but at least we have made a start. (Grandma has been helping out a bit being a teacher herself).


We started simply with construction with Daddy for a few days. It was also a case of getting back some semblance of ‘normal’ for the girls after an eventful week.



Worksheets & stensils came in handy (compliments Grandma) as revision of sums.  Here Miss 7 is doing apple sums with her apple buttons.


The Jolly Phonics DVD and workbooks came in VERY handy and served as great revision of letter and blend sounds.


And to finish the week, the girls worked on this self-made phonics Library using the minibooks from  They were great because they could do the whole thing themselves (even the folding) and it was their idea so they were really interested in it.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 4, 2009.

One Response to “Homeschooling with a newborn baby”

  1. Your baby is beautiful, and I’m kind of fond of her name, as it’s the state I live in (Indiana). At any rate, I nominated your blog for an award. If you want to play along, you can see it at

    Happy babymoon!

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