Seahorse sewing class

We downloaded a sewing pattern from this website and the girls choose some fabric from a local quilting shop to have their first go at sewing with a machine.


Miss 7 carefully sewing the seams – she did need some help to turn to follow the shape.


Miss 5 turning her sewing out the right way ready to stuff it with filling.


Dah daaah ….. – they turned out great and they cleverly thought to share their fabric so that they could flip them over to change colour like real seahorses do.

They had a lovely afternoon playing with them in imaginative play and even thought of this idea all by themselves – I was quite impressed.


They grabbed one of my washing baskets and used the fabric scraps to make seaweed by poking it in the holes of the basket, used the rest of the fabric for the water/ocean floor & then pretended the seahorses were camoflauged every time danger came near – how clever.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on November 21, 2008.

One Response to “Seahorse sewing class”

  1. These turned out fantastic, looks like you’ve been having lots of underwater fun!



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