Seahorse Lapbook

Next we started our study on seahorses continuing with the information supplied by . We didn’t get to use all of it but I actually made up some stencil activities for the girls (as featured below).  hs-kidsebay-1108-012w1

The cover was made using the stensil from here (just click on the body parts label link). It was an excellent start for kids to discover interesting facts about seahorse body parts with some fun interactive parts to it.


An overall view of the inside of the lappbook. As I said, I made up most of the stensil sheets except for the ocean maps (top left) which I got from these google images. The girls circles the names of the oceans where seahorses are found. We also made a list of things needed to set up a salt water aquarium using this video from Dr Harry (Better Homes and Gardens TV show) – just click on the link to Dr Harrys videos/seahorses part way down the webpage. Next the girls drew all the things in their tank picture (top right).


To incorporate some Maths/measuring into the unit we found that the smallest seahorses were pygmys and were only the size of a (AU)50 cent piece at 3cm.  The largest, the Pacific seahorse, was up to 30cm, the same as a ruler,  (googled for the images). Miss 7 wanted to make a copy of her own ruler in the spare collumn at the side of the page – it was good for reinforcement of number order and centremetre size.


Next, using another image from I made this concertina folder in a seahorse shape with some seahorse facts in it for them to complete.  The girls cut the shape out when it was folded.


I found these images of seahorse habitats and we pasted them into this layered mini folder made with coloured paper. It was really interesting for the girls to lean what an Estuary was.

hs-kidsebay-1108-017w1Lastly, we did a fun multiple choice activity where the girls could quiz family members on some more seahorse facts. We pasted the top half of the question onto the lapbook, leaving the bottom half so you could lift the flap to see if you had the right or wrong answer (using a tick or a cross).

Here’s a few more links that we found helpful:

 Video on coral reefs (video on seahorses giving birth)

Seahorse habitat online game

Seahorse counting online game (Seahorses for Grade 1)

National Geographic seahorse links (seahorse site for kids) (body parts) (Biblical site) (tank & seahorse purchasing in Australia)

Seahorse online scramble puzzle (Pygmy seahorse video)

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6 Responses to “Seahorse Lapbook”

  1. wow what a fantastic job- well done. I’d love a copy of the stencil of the concertina book of seahorse facts please. Thanks

  2. Wow, It’s really cool! I’m teaching science to young children in South Korea. Can you send a copy of the stencil of the concertina book of seahorse facts? My students will really enjoy making the lap book. Thank you.

  3. This is great. We are studying Seahorses this month prior to going to a special exhibit at our aquarium. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have done.

  4. Fantastic Job! Thanks for the information and great ideas – we are going to visit the Seahorse Museum in Tasmania next month and will make a lapbook to prepare for the visit!

  5. I love the work you have done on seahorses. We are just about to start exploring sea creatures and I would love a copy of the concertina folder if you don’t mind sharing it. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  6. I absolutely could not resist myself from commenting. Extremely well written!

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