Food & Farmers Market delights

We went to the Farmers & Gourmet food market on the weekend and what a feast for the senses – smells, fresh fruits, alternative health foods (yes even chocolate cookies with no sugar or white flour & they were yum!).

We wanted the girls to see that there are so many choices of delicious healthy foods & that they don’t need to choose junky food to delight their taste buds. Thanks to Michelle from & for inspiring us to discover more raw and summer foods.

Fig jam (a gift for their Pa), pink lady apples, mangoes, avocadoes, olives, grape tomatoes, just a sample of what was on offer & some of it cheaper than the shops (like avocadoes just $1 each).

Beautiful wholemeal Sourdough, Pumpkin bread & olive bread – there were so many to choose from we had trouble deciding and now their nearly all gone in 2 days.

Miss 5 enjoying some fresh peas – the girls love peeling the peas out of the pod and eating them raw. They’ve eaten 1kilo of them in 2 days!

Miss 5 enjoying a juicy, drippy Mango – one of her favourites!

The market was very busy but we came home so satisfied that the girls had seen how so much GOOD food is available and that they can make healthy choices.  They have feasted on it all for the last 3 days. A great lesson for them. (Mind you they did have a chocolate-coated strawberry as well).

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on October 13, 2008.

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