Our Homeschool agenda.

Well here in Australia, our school year is actually heading toward the final term rather quickly as our year starts in February (our January if the kids insist ….. LOL!)

I planned to make it a mostly 3R’s year concentrating on reading, writing and maths.  The reading has taken precidence because we found a couple of programs that the girls just loved and really ot a lot of benefit out of.  www.phonicsinternational.co.uk was our first one using SYNTHETIC PHONICS. It proved to be a fantastic way for the girls to learn their sounds. Now we have moved onto a fairly new program called www.readingeggs.com.au set up by the Premier of NSW (Australia) as far as I understand. The girls work online as well as get hard copies of book packs and activity books, which they seem to enjoy so far, despite the fact that Miss 6 usually HATES workbooks. It cost us $99 for the kit of 40 books, 4 workbooks and online access – pretty good deal really. They are about to release the next level which Miss 6 will be ready for and Miss 5 won’t be far behind. They have made it interesting & fun with Critters and games as rewards, theres stickers and colourful maps of where they are up to and they can earn golden eggs and buy online games to play.

Soon I may look more into the maths side of things. We did www.mathletics.com.au for several months but maths is Miss 6’s strong point and she moved on grade 2 work and was getting bored so we quit that for a while and just did some hands on stuff (which she loves).

Science experiments always take their interest and is a great way for their Dad to get involved. They are not really planned, we just buy ktis like Magnet kits from www.projectkitsforkids.com or if we see a cheap kit with experiments, grab it.

Of course, we learn Bible stories but never just as stories, more like science explorations – like Jonah and the whale (we learned about whales) and we are currently doing Noah learning some fascinating facts about the ark and how it was bulits, its size and so on. Makes it so much more interesting.

Well that’s my wrap.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on September 8, 2008.

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