Mum, I want to learn about PLANES!

OK, right then….. planes (oh no, what do I know about planes?).  Off to the internet….

She started the morning with this creation which she made all on her own with no help or prompting.

yep…she just got up half hour ago.

Firstly we did this experiment to demonstrate how fast air (blowing) creates lift over this piece of paper.Then we did an experiment to show how water has to thin out & go faster to go over the rocks in a river (the same as air does to go over a plane wing). Here’s where we found these experiments & more.

Then we created our own movie about Bernoulli’s Law and airfoil design (in other words, how plane wings help the plane fly).

Here’s the link to this experiment and more….


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “Mum, I want to learn about PLANES!”

  1. I’m so thankful to be homeschooling in the age of the Internet! I can’t imagine life without it….so many resources at your fingertips. Makes following the kids’ interests easier and quicker.

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