Well we are SLOWLY getting back into the swing of things after being away on holidays for 6 weeks. Miss 6 became interested in Butterflies (again) so we decided to do a Lapbook. I just googled Butterfly Lapbook & used these sites. We also added a few of our our little touches.


http://www.homeschoolshare.com/butterfly_lapbook.php (worksheets & stensils).

We went on a butterfly hunt & found these caterpillar eggs on a gum leaf.

Then we were lucky enough to actually catch this butterfly, so we built it a home of Potato plant leaves that we found it sitting on. (Don’t worry we let it go after a few hours).  We also did an experiment where we learned the differences between Moths & Butterflies – one of which was that butterflies don’t like the dark.  We noticed that when our butterfly was indoors or shadows, it fluttered around as if in a panic. As soon as we put it into the sunlight, it settled down straight away.

Miss 6 doing her Butterfly maths activity, which she really enjoyed, using her flower buttons and butterfly counters.

HOW LUCKY WERE WE?????? As if on cue, we were in the kitchen the next day cooking muffins and Miss 6 called out to LOOK!!!! There was a yellow butterfly sitting on the tray and it walked all over our hands – HOW EXCITING!!!!!

Miss 5 working on her Lapbook – she painted her butterfly.

We thought some butterfly paintings would be fun & they were – they did about 5 each so we used one on the cover. You just use a spoon to dab a few splats of paint in the middle of some paper, fold it in half, then squash the paint outwards till its all flat, then open it up and see the finished product – it always a surprise what you get.

Miss 6’s finished Lapbook.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “BUTTERFLIES”

  1. Hello there!! Long time to see! What a beautiful bug to learn about. Miss 6, I am impressed by your creativity. You have put together such a beautiful butterfly lapbook.

  2. I’ve forgotten to mention Miss 5’s lapbook. You have done a wonderful lapbook as well. Thanks for sharing.

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