Homeschool & morning sickness = independence.

I have proven it this last few weeks.  Feeling so sick from just 6 weeks pregnant with baby #3, I just couldn’t manage it, spending most of my time horizontal and in bed.  Homeschooling just went out the window.  I am so grateful to actually be able to sit at the computer today for a little while – something else I haven’t been able to manage until now. So please excuse my lack of blog entries recently for those who check regularly.

What homeschool has exsisted has been purely incidental and unplanned – reading books, both girls are into writing lists of words which delights me no end, building with lego, watching DVDs.  But perhaps the biggest lesson they have learned is INDEPENDENCE.  They have had to get their own breakfast, (sometimes even get Mummy breakfast) get their own work out to do, dress themselves, clean up, get snacks – pretty much fend for themselves.  Its been a good lesson to learn and I am so pleased with the way they handled it all. Of course, books and chats about baby development & possible names are daily occurences.

I am feeling a bit better today at 9 1/2 weeks, hopefully the worst is over and some semblance of homeschool might begin again?


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on June 2, 2008.

One Response to “Homeschool & morning sickness = independence.”

  1. Hope that you start to feel better. I’ve never experienced morning sickness, but can certainly understand! Since your girls are proving to be more independant, they will prove to be of BIG help once the baby comes. Best wishes and feel better!

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