Animation & making movies.

Miss 6 had been spending more time than I liked, watching movies.  So rather than fight it, I went with it and we did a little exploration into how movies are made.  This website gave us an excellent start.



She started with a few simple drawings of a face without a mouth, a horse without a tail and a girl with no legs and photocopied them.  She then drew on the missing bits, say a smiley mouth, a tail upwards and legs standing) on one copy and then did something different on the other copy. We stuck a pencil to them, rolled them up and made instant 2-frame movies (or roller book).  They worked beautifully.

Next we watched the making of the movie section on her “Spirit” dvd which showed how they draw the characters, the computer animation, the voice-overs and all the work that goes into an animated movie – it took them about 2 years to make.  It gave her a real appreciation of the effort that goes into it all.

The Animator that drew the main character of the horse in it, showed step by step, how to draw Spirit – it took her ALL DAY (with a few breaks) but wait till you see the finished product!!!!  (By the way, watch her expression change over the day as she could see it all coming together – she started out not too happy with it, but was so pleased with herself at the end of the day). It really turned out FANTASTIC for a 6 year old.

Step 1 – draw the backbone and head shape, a box for the body to go in and geometric shapes for the different parts of the horse.

Step 2 – start to draw in the lines of the back, tail and muscles in the legs.

Step 3 – Trace the outline in black (which I had to help with) then draw in some of the details such as eyes, nose, hair. (The animator gave excellent instructions – very detailed but simple to follow).  She can see it starting to come together here.

Step 4 – Start add some colour, 3 colours, black, brown and gold – dark at the edges and fade it out to the edges making a shadow.

JUST LOOK AT THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!! and how happy she is. Needless to say, we framed it.

We will probably continue with this theme a bit later when interest sparks up again using tha above-mentioned website as a guide.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on May 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Animation & making movies.”

  1. WOW! Very impressive drawing. Well done! My son watches too many movies as well. What an inspired idea. You are amazing and a wonderful mom. ~Sako

  2. Thank you, Miss 6, for the wonderful video of how you make movies! I enjoyed it immensely! You’ve done a great job illustrating with your three drawings. I have been inspired and I will give it a try with my 5 year old son. Thank you for sharing. ~Sako

  3. What an awesome idea. I need to learn to “go with the flow” more like you with my own kids.

  4. hi how are you well i may or may not have the right website but i am seeking information on home schooling on animation. i am a mom of two and while raising my children i would like to start and find a profession in cartoon animation.all i need is a little help to find my way. and information you can share will be appreciated. home school through internet or mail? thank you.

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