WOMBAT STEW- Mammals & Marsupials

Wanting to revise Mammals, we started by revising what a Mammal was, then sorted these plastic animals accordingly.

Then we went outside and discovered how to recreate animal tracks in the dirt.

Then we watched a PLANET EARTH dvd, which Miss 6 loved, in which the presenter mentioned Marsupials – a perfect introduction.  After discussing that all marsupials have pouches, we made these cute paper plate pouch Kangaroos with Joey. It involved some paper folding from one of my resource books I’ve had for years.

Following from this, I found a great new website while I was looking for Lapbook ideas http://www.homeschoolshare.com/wombat_stew.php with a whole study unit dedicated to WOMBAT STEW full of Mammals & Marsupials. We started by reading the book then went on an excursion looking for the ingredients to make our own stew.

Here’s the girls cooking their Wombat Stew on the campfire of sticks they made.

Luckily, I had some puppets suitable for this story and we made it into a Puppet play.  It was a great opportunity for the girls to learn about being organised, sharing roles, props and re-telling a story.  They did the show (after a few practices) for their Dad that night.  Miss 6 painted the sign, Miss 4 did the stars.


It was also  great opportunity to introuduce ‘shy i’ and ‘tough Y’.  Both girls managed to read all these words from the book.  Miss 6 sorted them into groups of same sounds.

This book also presented a chance to talk about friendship and what being a friend means.  We discussed what the animals in the story did to help their friend then did this little fold-up person booklet.  I got the girls to draw pictures of things they could do to be a friend.

We all really enjoyed this little unit of study.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on May 13, 2008.

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