Catching up – Phonics & our Vowel Forest

Hooray!  I finally got Photoshop re-installed, now for the picis of what we’ve been doing the last 2 weeks.

Even though the girls have come leaps and bounds with their reading, imagine my shock when I heard Miss 6 reading this Pony Pals book with about 100 words to the first page.  She read a whole sentence unaided – WOW! A couple of months ago, she would have just tossed it straight in the too hard basket.

The girls went on an impromptu leaf hunt looking for Autumn leaves finding all different shapes and then sorted them into shapes using the text book as a guide.  Fitted in great with the fact that we were learning long ‘a’ and magic ‘e’. They then made their own little sand garden in a tray.

Continuing the leaf shapes theme, we printed some of these beautifully shaped Liquid Amber leaves in Autumn colours.

We also cut some simple yellow leaves to be used later for our ‘Vowel Forest’ that the girls wanted to make but first used them for a game of Postman.  The idea was that the girls had to sort the word into families and put them in the correct envelope, then mail them to the corret word family being ‘ay, ‘ai’ or long ‘a’ with magic ‘e’. 

Miss 6 really enjoyed this.  They took it outside on the verandah and played it several times.

Next we used up most of our toilet rolls, painting them to make a rainbow snake of long ‘a’ words. It turned out nice and bright and they enjoyed threading them as they called them out.

Next we started putting togther our own VOWEL FOREST. The inspiration came from the Jolly Phonics DVD but this was our own version.  We printed the raindrops with a potato, the cloud was made from sponging, I painted the tree trunk and the girls stuck the leaves on as they read them. I asked the girls to paint a picture of themselves in the forest and rain, for a reason – their names both had long ‘a’ sounds in them. Here’s the finished product.


~ by homeschoollearningforlife on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Catching up – Phonics & our Vowel Forest”

  1. I just love all the wonderful things you and your girls do. What creative and fun activities. I especially love the rainbow snake and ‘vowel forest’. I now know what I can do with all the toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving. ~Sako

  2. Oooh, Love the rainbow snake idea. My daughers love the Pony Pal series, and I saw a Saddle Club bag in one of your photos, another favorite of my girls!

    You have autumn, I have spring. Those are my two favorite seasons. There’s so much magic happening, so many fun discoveries!


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