Unschooling or just unorganised?

Firstly let me say, I am lost without my Photoshop software.  I can’t blog my photos of what we have been doing – very annoying and all thanks to a computer crash (aarrrrgggghhhh)! I will catch up on this asap. 

Meanwhile, somedays it feels like I’m not filling my kids needs as far as homeschooling goes.  Some weeks we fill out time easily with a study unit of interest, other times I wander the house thinking, shouldn’t we be doing something (as in Homeschooling, sitting at a table, out on a field trip, building, making, creating)?

I read a post on http://lapazfarm.homeschooljournal.net/ today about how she had comfortably come to the decision that Unschooling was the way to go.  As much as I think this all sounds great (for her), I’m not sure its the way to go for us? (Of course more research is needed).

I think of the kids at school, working away, wondering what they are learning today. Is their anything my kids are missing out on information-wise. I am one of those Homeschooling mothers who does not want to hear how her children are ‘behind’, despite my best efforts to see above this towards a greater goal. I had planned a year of reading/writing mostly, no real themes as such, but now the girls are reading even 7 letter words all of a sudden with the synthetic phonics program & Miss 6 is already ‘bored’ with Grade 2 Mathletics, I just find myself a bit lost – especially when she asks “Mum, what can we learn about today? ”

I really look to the girls for my inspiration – if they become interested in spiders, then that’s what we ‘do’.  I thought a recent trip by her Grandparents to New Zealand might get them interetsed in Maories or volcanoes, but ah ahhh, nope -it wasn’t personal enough. It had no emotional attachment.

SO, what to do next?  This last week we have covered David & Goliath with about a days interest in giants and measurement.  We started the YELLO DYNO child safety program which they got the hang of quite quickly, stating the video was boring ( it didn’t really appeal to them because of the raspy, almost yelling dinosaur). Have to admit, I didn’t like it either.  Yesterday we re-discovered Mammals and learned about Marsupials with a fun day of WOMBAT STEW cooking, puppet shows and craft which had aspects of friendship/character to it,  the inspiration provided by http://www.homeschoolshare.com/wombat_stew.php

So I just don’t know.  With grandparents arriving tomorrow for a few days visit, this will ‘fill time’ with some interesting activities thrown in compliments of her Grandma, but I just can’t seem to get comfortable with Unschooling.  The Reviewer we had visit last year wasn’t too keen on it and warned there are ‘issues’, as in , there is no definite goal in sight and children need some direction. After all, they are like big sponges, just waiting to be soaked.

Somedays it seems like there are endless topics to learn about, other days I just don’t know. I am topic-less.  Probably being 5 weeks pregnant doesn’t help this; confusion and procrastination reign supreme.

Oh well, the girls have started building their own cubbies – that’s the next few hours of childhood enjoyment taken care of ……..(he he he). Until inspiration strikes next, cubbies it is.

Anybody else have days like this?

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on May 6, 2008.

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