The girls are moving along in leaps & bounds with their reading.  Here Miss 6 is doing one of the activities from the Take-it-to-your-seat learning centres, reading the words on the cariages then adding it to the train.  We are almost finished our single sounds & willbe moving onto double-letter sounds next week, like ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ for long a.

The girls also completed their frist 100 piece jigsaw puzzle which was actually hidden away for a birthday but little Miss Big Eyes saw it in the cupboard when we were doing a clean out.

And yes, we decided it was time for a Garage sale and did a HUGE clean-up, clear-out this week.  Baby stuff, scrapbooking,clothes, household items, all OUT.  Ohhh it felt good. In the process the girls got a re-decorated playroom (well yes it is also abedroom but no-one sleeps there yet) & it was done without spending a cent.  My old quilt was discovered, cussions & pillows, a floor rug, trinkets (just a few were allowed).  They were so happy with the room that they have actually kept it pretty clean for a whole week.  Mama is happy, kids are happy.

The Garage sale had to be put off due to wet weather but Miss 6 has learned all about sorting & classifying, Money, value, recycling, re-decorating, saving, signage & more.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on April 17, 2008.


  1. Hello, I had to leave you a message to tell you that I absolutely love your blog. It is so full of great ideas, it’s fun and so informative. Thank you so much for inspiring me as well!

  2. Love the word train! Had to laugh at the “little Miss Big Eyes”. No matter how much I try to hide something it always gets found when I forget about it!

    Love the playroom and the cubby shelf. I can’t wait until we move so we can decorate anew!

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