The Phonics Fairy came to our house

She must have….. either that or my girls slept on the Clever Pillow last night.  After struggling for a fair while now, especially with Miss 6, with Phonics & reading, today, both girls just started reading.  I can hardly believe it.  They must have read over 100 different words today.  It started when Miss 6 shocked me by walking up to the rainbow words and said, ‘Mum, I can read that word…it says WENT’.  Ok, I’ll just pick my jaw up off the ground first, then lets try another word.  WOW, she knows lots of words.  She read all her sight words on her rainbow, plus the new ones, then she and her sister spent the next few hours doing every gane & activity I could think of with complete success. She started making words on the window (below)

Then she moved on to this activity actually READING the words then finding the picture.

The rest of the day was a breeze.  They played word card games, read books and EVEN DID WRITING, yes the dreaded writing which she now seems to be enjoying more.  Miss 6 went off and did it all by herself – it was her idea.  Wow!

Daddy bought the girls a graphics tablet that day and when he brought it home, they were straight into it.  Braylee made several pages of her words from her new ‘my words’ box – all of which she could read now.  Then, somebody pinch me please.  She asked, “Mum, if I put an ‘r’ on the end of you, does that say ‘your’? WOW again.  (See below).

What a great day.  Both girls reading.  Miss 4.5 is reading as well as Miss 6.  In fact we had a competition and it was a dead heat – each girls read the same number of words – even ones with sounds we ahdn’t really covered yet. Woohoo!

Here’s Braylee teaching Pa (who was actually a computer engineer) how the graphics tablet works. (he he he he).  Well, he did know how it worked, but she still saw fit to teach Pa a thing or two.

Here’s Miss 4.5 doing one of the Take-it-to-your-seat activities, which she choose to do and could read all the words by sounding them out. The Jolly Phonics & synthetic phonics program we are using is working so fantastically well.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on April 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Phonics Fairy came to our house”

  1. Isn’t it amazing when they get it? It’s SUCH a great moment! This book is for older kids than yours (I’d say grade 4 and up) but it’s definitely one you might want to take a look at. It’s Differentiating Reading Instruction by Laura Robb, and it can make a big difference in the teaching of reading. Great lesson plans, lots of tips, even assessments, plus help with writing. Give it a look.

    And enjoy the reading success!

  2. Oh, what a thrill! I can imagine how you must have felt, bursting with pride! That’s fantastic!

  3. The Phonics Elf rather than the phonics fairy came to our school and it is making us equally jolly. The Elf appears in fully decodeable story books that are enchanting. I don’t know if you can get any of these books at the moment because our school is getting them as part of a special school programme directly from the English Literacy Foundation but I suppose you could ask them.

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