Oh what a tangled web we weave….well nearly.

After the mornings activities of Spiders Breakfast maths sheet from www.britishcouncel.org/learnenglish (pictured below) & then we talked about a spiders life cycle using the sequence pictures below from http://www.sedl.org/scimath/pasopartners/spiders/lesson4a2.html , we decided to spin our own web.




We also found this cool website http://science.howstuffworks.com/spider5.htm which you can watch step by step how a spider spins it web.  We watched a few Youtube vidoes of the process as well.  Both girls developed a new appreciation for the work a spider does and how clever it is as we tried to build our own version of a web, but it was tricky – I had to help tie the knots & get quite involved in the tricky bits.



Step 1: Cast your ‘silk’ (we used wool) out with the wind and anchor it at both ends.



Step 2: Go back along the thread leaving a loose new thread drooping down below.



Step 3: Go half way along the bottom thread & spin a new piece down to the ground making a Y shape.



Step 4: Make 2 new threads up either side the Y forming an outer triangle. (We split our wool strands in half to do this).



Step 5: Working form side to side, twist your thread around the centre point as you go and tying knots at the sides to stop it slipping.



Step 6: Starting at the centre, weave you thread in and out alternately forming a loose spiral as you go towards the outside, again tying knots as necessary.



It turned out pretty good once we snipped all our losse ends off but this is as far as we got because it was time consuming and a bit tedious at this point – as I said, the girls and I developed a new respect for the spiders skills.

We also made some spider eggs and sac out of little white tissue paper squares.  We wrapped them carefully in another square using water on the tip of our finger to secure it.


The Incy Wincy Spider game has come in handy.  Here we used it to see who could get to the end first – the prey or the predator.  If it was the prey then it got away, if it was the predator, it had dinner.



Question:  Do you know the biggest spider in the world?

Answer: The Goliath tarantula can be as big as a dinner plate & comes from South America.


Favourite website for this unit was: http://www.sedl.org/scimath/pasopartners/spiders/welcome.html 

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One Response to “Oh what a tangled web we weave….well nearly.”

  1. Oh what fun! We just caught a spider yesterday. Hmmmm, this gives me ideas…Thanks!

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