Agggghhhh!!! SPIDERS

We had some HUGE spiders visit our house yesterday and spin their webs all over my loungeroom – just look at what they did!


Yes, Miss 6s interest in spiders has developed somewhat, so we have taken a diversion from tropical fish to ARACHNIDS. They made these spider hats while learning the parts of a spiders body – 2 body parts, spinnerette, fangs, 6-8 eyes and with some maths thrown in, they learned spiders often have 6 knees on each leg, so 6×8=48. The girsl had to make 6 bends in each cardboard leg for the knees which reinforced the fact.

Here’s B-bear spinning her web.



She developed the interest after noticing the increase in spiders at the moment apparently due to the out-of-the-ordinary weather we are having.  The animal world seem to think its spring.  We have had baby snakes around, butterflies & lots of spiders.  Scientist wonder what will happen next season because they have their breeding 6 months out of whack.   Anyway, B-bear wanted to take photos of the ones she could find so went on a Spider hunt. Dad took her spotlight spider hunting that night.



This book provided by her Pa was great because it had her favourite in it – the Golden Orb, plentiful around here at the moment.

I took full advantage of the interest as she had become aware of diaries.  I printed her photos off in a small scale and presented the special book to her as her Homeschool diary in which she could put all the things she was interested in. 



WHAT A HIT!  She made everyone read it, Dad, Grandma, Pa – me three times now.  She dictates to me and I write in it and read it back.  She carries it with her everywhere – even to the trampoline to sit and look through again.



Both girls enjoyed making this little chart up about classification.  Does it have 8 legs – yes – well why isn’t it called a spider? Answer – mites, scorpions & ticks only have 1 body part. It was a fun & interesting day for us all.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 28, 2008.

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