The AMAZING RACE (Treasure hunt).

Braylee has loved to watch ‘The Amazing Race’ TV program, not exactly sure what the appeal was, but she was allowed to stay up a late & watch it twice a month. I decided to take full advantage of this and make up our own Amazing Race Treasure hunt.  She would have to read the directions to find the next clue (yes there is method in my madness). Mostly being sight words I felt she would do OK without getting frustrated.

Soooo…. let the race begin!


The excitement was great and they were off, Miss 4.5 reading as many clues as Miss 6.  The clues were on red cardboard arrows:

The instruction sheet told them to  “GET A HAT, BACK PACK, CUP & RED TAG  ON THE BED”.

tag 2: Go to the big dog.

tag 3: Go to the red car.

tag 4: Go to the jump up (trampoline).

tag 5: Go to the van (caravan)

tag 6: Go to the top tap (pictured running up the drive).


tag 7: Go to Pa’s shed.

tag 8: Go to Pa’s car. (The prize was a bag of chips – a rare treat around our house).


As you can see, they were very pleased with the prize & they wanted to do it all again.



~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 26, 2008.

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