It doesn’t always go to plan!

Its been a short week because Grandparents stayed 2 days, of which some time is spent doing educational-type activities, mostly exploring, picnics & craft, some reading. It became apparent to me that Miss 6 really doesn’t enjoy being pushed to read and HAS to  be in the moodI am starting to wonder if she is a bit of a struggling reader (aaahhhhh!)so just to be safe, we have gone back to favourite early readers and short words and slowed, if not stopped, the learning of new synthetic phonic sounds.

However we have continued with sight words as she seems to be a WHOLE WORD reader and doesn’t like de-coding the words into sounds much. To make her feel good about learning the words we have provided some incentive as this seems to spur her on. 

INTRODUCING (drum roll please)………… Braylees Rainbow Words.


The idea is that each word she can read fluently gets written on the rainbow.  (Rainbow words from Once one colour is full, a small prize is awarded.  When the whole rainbow is full – the grand prize! Perhaps a horse game she has seen in the toy shop?


Oh no, her little sister, just 4 years & 9 months walked up to Miss 6’s words and read 4 of them straight up.  Then she proceeded to walk over to another list of harder sight words I had put aside and came within a fraction of reading the word ‘after’.  Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I tuned into the fact that Miss 6 was objecting greatly to any more of this!!!!! No…….Maitlyn, NO!!!! They are MY words!!!!!

Needless to say, Miss M now has her own set of words in a Jan Brett style chart from just for her.  She is obviously much more academically-minded then her elder sister and teaching her to read is going to be, well shall we say…. every homeschooling mothers dream.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “It doesn’t always go to plan!”

  1. I really like this idea! Its so creative!

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