Well you may or may not recall that several weeks ago I found some new resource books called ‘Take it to your seat’ by www.evan-moor.com.  I was looking for some HANDS-ON rsources for Braylee for Phonics in particular.  Well I was so impressed (they arrived about 1 week later via USPS) that I ordered more – 4 more, on Writing, Maths, Literacy & more Phonics and as a bonus they had been reduced from $21 to just $14 – absolutely great value for money.  The postage to Australia was US$30 so ended up each activity cost me about $1.50 with 12-15 activities in each book.

Maitlyn  followed doing patterns & sequencing then copied them onto her sheet.

I spent a whole afternoon/evening getting them cut out and making Learning centres for 3 of them but it was well worth the effort.  Almost everyday, the girls grab one, two or three from the box, depending on their concentration at the time, and complete them.

Braylee using 5c & 10c pieces on the purses, played a game of shop buying what she wanted by finding the matching amount in the purse.

I would thoroughly recommend these Learning centres to anyone, espcially those whose child needs more hands-on type activites. The self-check feature (with answers/symbols onthe reverse side is great when you can’t be there every minute helping them. The whole book comes with serated tear-out pages, you just make as many copies of the worksheets as you need. I’ll be buying more of these. See the Vita-Britz box Learning Centre I made and more here: https://homeschoollearningforlife.wordpress.com/supplies-resources/ Hmmmm……. might get the Science one next.  I can always supplement it with some excursions and experiments.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 23, 2008.

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