‘p’ is for play.

The girls are really enjoying the activities and fun way we are learning phonics this week since discovering the SYNTHETIC PHONICS resources.  In fact they have taken to it so well they initiated a few of their own fun ideas.  We were doing ‘p’ this day.


They asked me for some brown paper bags and found them making Pinata’s.  Here Miss $ is decorating hers with her glitter pens, filling it with goodies (being plastic jewelry, butterfly toys, badges, pretty elastics, money, toys) all little girlie things. They asked for my help to tie them up and bashed into them rushing for the ‘surprises’.  What fun they had!

Braylee asked me if she could have a pea (yep, a green frozen pea).  She sat with her toy ponies and made up a story (quite a long one) about the Pony, the Princess, the Pea & the secret passage way’, thinking of as many ‘p’ words to included in the story as she could. In fact I can hear her right now as I’m typing. She’s holding up her finger and blowing out the candle sounding the ‘p‘.


I have to give credit where its due though.  We have had a bit of trouble up till now with her getting letters wrong and numbers and refusing to write but since going to the Chiropractor and having her Primitive Reflexes worked on, she has improved out of sight! if you want to know more, email me.  It solved all out learning problems.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 14, 2008.

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