Well I am a trained teacher so the structured-type thing was gonna happen sometime… wasn’t it?  Anyway, Miss 6 is so interested in animals so this week its fish after watching another Planet Earth DVD – she loves the whole series.  My dilemna was that we needed to concentrate on her reading & writing skills more so she keeps up the practise.  After FINALLY finding some online resources for the way I like to teach reading/sounds –SYNTHETIC PHONICS (yes it was featured on A Current Affair recently) now I had a name I could google to find more specific teaching aids and ideas.

So we began with a theme being TROPICAL FISH/SEA LIFE. as we are off to tropical QLD in a few months this fits nicely.


Continuing with the art theme also because the girls just loved it so much, we cut circles from tissue paper and foil to make the RAINBOW FISH from the puzzle they have of it. The tail and head were sponge printed and the scales were traced or rubbed with glitter pen paint.


I just couldn’t do it justice with the lovely bright colours but it looks great on the window.  To find out how we made the coral, see our Art activities page (paint). Anyway, the bubbles were used to write the letters (or sounds) on and every day they get a new sound blowing out of the fishes mouth if they can recall all the previous ones – so far its going great.  ‘ssss’ with a snake hand movement, ‘t, t, t, t’ with a head movement like you’re watching a tennis match, a’ with an ant crawling up your arm movement and ‘i, i, i’ like a little mouse with a scratchy fingers movement at the tip of your nose’.  Today we introduced ‘p’ not puh, but ‘p’ like blowing out a candle on the end of your finger. 

And YES!!!! they both completed the worksheet to go with it so easily – and they ENJOYED IT! Yahooo! They’ve got it!!!!  Mind you, I actually introduced sh, ch and th last week and they’ve got them down pat too.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on March 14, 2008.

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