Whale of a time

On Monday, Braylee asked to watch the Whale DVD from National Geographic and so began our study of whales.  It was difficult to explain and judge just how big they can be, so we grabbed Daddies long tape measure and went outside.


The size of the biggest whale – a Blue whale at 27m.

We spent the afternoon doing colouring, learning how to draw a dolphin (who are from the same family) but were comparing any differences. Instruction & differences sheets from http://www.seaworld.org/just-for-teachers/guides/index.htm (pdf). We also discovered that whales are mammals and what it is that defines a mammal from this site and the worksheet “Is it a mammal?”

We also revised numbers up to about 40 with some dot-to-dot whales from www.enchantedlearning.com

Braylee’s first attempt at drawing a dolphin using the instruction sheet- pretty good eh? Maitlyn revised her numbers by sorting and counting the number of different whales & dolphins.
The girls used a roller to paint this chasm and deep water to show how deep some types whales can dive.
An experiment from http://www.teachers.net/lessons/posts/76.html . to show how a  toothed comb catches zooplankton compared to a bristled brush simialr to that of a Baleen whale.
The girls then made a game of the pictures of whales they had (from an old calendar we cut up) and sorted them into Toothed and Baleen whales.

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