Discovering the Endeavour

Finally that weather was good enough on Sunday to go into Sydney Harbour and see the replica of Captian Cooks ship, the Endeavour.  The girsl rally enjoyed the experience and their were volunteers on board to explain a few things to them, like where the term 3 square meals came from.  Each table of sailors was given a wooden square plate of meat to share between them – the square plate was to stop it roll off the table in rough weather as a bowl would. Hence – three square meals a day.  They ate the same boiled veges every day for 3 years.


The Ferry ride in to Pyrmont then “look Mum, its the Endeavour”.


Once on board, Braylee couldn’t wait to steer the wheel.


Down the hatch – watch your step, its very steep.


A volunteer pointing out the square plate for 3 square meals a day.


Braylee checking out the tiny quarters of the ships Lieutenant – she only just fits in the doorway.


The Captain dining room – one of the more luxurious sections of the ship.  An armed guard would stand at the door to make sure no-one unauthorised would enter.


The whole experience made our Captian Cook study unit more real for them. Do you think they had a great day?  Love the caps!

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on February 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Discovering the Endeavour”

  1. Oh wow, Isaac would LOVE to see something like this!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am planning a trip to Sydney in around 4 weeks with Miss 7, from Tasmania, and touring the Endeavour is on the top of our “To Do” list. I’m sure it will round off our “Discovery of Australia” study beautifully!

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