We had been to the Nutritionists and the chiropractors this week and we were having a discussion about how Maitlyn had a strong immune system but Braylee was the one who got the last cold and virus (German measles).  Maitlyn LOVES her veges – yes, even BRUSSEL SPROUTS!  She eats them all and asks for more,  Braylee, on the other hand…..”Mum, I don’t like veges” in a whiney voice.  So we made a list of veges she did like and she though up this great idea of making a vege face for dinner.  She drew up a plan of it and told me they were cooking it.

Peeling the carrots

 Peeling the carrots.


Da dah ….. Braylee’s vege face. She made it herself and ate the whole lot – she DOES like veges afterall.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on February 9, 2008.

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