Voyage of Discovery – Captain Cook

This week we delve into a new adventure – the maiden voyage of Captian James Cook and his disocveries including Australia in 1770. This follows on from our time spent exploring Australian states and Australia Day.

The program for the morning:

1. Read book ‘The cat that went to sea”

2. Colour in stensil of caravel ship (see ).
3. Discover a letter from the Monarchy commisioning Capt. Cook with his new ship. which details what is required including an Explorers notebook detailing drawings and samples of new discoveries of riches, metals, gold, plants and landmarks.

4. Make a Captain hat from newspaper and a telescope.

5. Cast off in the Endeavour and discover Tahiti, New Zealand and Australian east-coast.

We learnt a fun and catchy new song:
Captain Cook discovered Australia in 1770,
He pulled in his ship, Endeavour, and made a cup of tea!

Maitlyn has trouble identifying some numbers, so I bought this puzzle so she can make them up and count the number of objects on them for re-enforcement.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on February 4, 2008.

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