Advance Australia Fair / The 3 R’s.

So continues our focus on Australia after enjoying a BBQ in honour of Australia Day on Saturday. Sunday was spent at Longneck Lagoon/Dee Why beach (who was it forgot to take the camera?) and Monday was a public holiday. None-the-less the girls still asked for school work so we moved out on the verandah as it was such a nice morning. Braylee has learned all the words to Advance Austraia Fair and loves to do ‘concerts’.

Braylee’s first spelling list – she practices for 3 days then covers them to test herself on the last day. Maitlyn practices counting.

Braylee made this out of stickers reviewing where the states of Australia are and it was also good practise using a ruler. Below she is doing Lesson 15 on, a phonics program she enjoys. ITS FREE!

We spent Wednesday morning playing addition with her Pa and Grandma, seeing who could get the right answer then checking it on the calculator, then doing HEAPS of worksheets (horse ones of course, made up by Mum). She LOVES horses. We also cooked some Anzac cookies, Braylee wrote out the recipe by drawing pictures of the ingredients.

Braylee enjoying doing some of her knitting – making squares to make a blanket. Maitlyn very proud of her Anzac cookies.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on January 30, 2008.

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